Maharishi महर्षि

Great Visionary

In 2006 I began my first creative role at fashion streetwear brand Maharishi.

It was a great place to find my design compass, working with the inspiring individuals at the cross-point of clothing design, branding and marketing.

  Maharishi Recycled / SS08
“Days of Peace and Music”

Maharishi ran 5 seasonal collections, plus the sub-brand MHI - it’s more accessible sportwear meets streetwear label. This totalled 7 collections or roughly 300 pieces of clothing per year!
Part of my role was to photograph each piece.
As you can imagine this took up most of my time. But I also contributed creatively with the designs here.

MHI / AW07 / Dystopia
“Destroy London” 
MHI / AW06 / Artistic License
“Faux Realist” 


DPM x Unto This Last (2008)

A collaboration between the camouflage fashion brand Maharishi and the East London CNC Furniture workshop ‘Unto this Last’.

Maharishi X Unto This Last / DPM: Bonsai Forest / Tubular Cabinet / 2008