Little Journeys

A ‘back to school’ social activation demonstrating how small steps make a big difference on the road to a better future.

Launched in May 2022, Park The Car is a Ford of Europe Campaign to reduce pollution & congestion and improve wellbeing by leaving the car at home for short trips that can be made by bike or on foot.

Creative Director - Chris Love
Director - Charlie Bray
DOP - Neil Gordon
Producer - Karl Dobby
Production Coordinator - Eleanor Cooper
Sound Mix - Tom Joyce
Editor - Freddie Tomlin
Head of Motion - Tim Last
Motion Design - Romain Brisson
Project Manager - Marcell Woodmansey
Creative - Francine Curran
Executive Creative Director - Rich Last
Senior Account Manager - Charlie Bristow
Senior Account Manager - Katarina Schenk
Director FoE WPP Blended Team - Gina McCarthy